What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a remote worker that can answer the phone, resolve basic customer service needs, and handle various administrative tasks. While some businesses opt for answering services that are strictly software, a “physical” person in the role can improve the customer experience and boost your overall brand image. 

With 65% of people preferring to contact a business by phone, virtual receptionists are more important now than ever. 

What are the benefits of a virtual receptionist for your business?

Compared with an in-house receptionist, a remote virtual receptionist has the potential to reduce the cost to your business, but there are other efficiencies as well. To help you understand how a virtual receptionist could assist and even improve your business, we’ve listed our top 4 benefits of incorporating the role. 

Incoming calls are always answered

According to Google, 70% of global searchers have called a company straight from mobile search results. A virtual receptionist managing the phone system can ensure customer needs are addressed in a reliable way, even after business hours and over the weekend. This “always available” mentality is a natural advantage in customer and client communications, and helps to maintain a positive brand image.

It’s quick and cost-efficient for your business

If your company is in the process of scaling up and needs a scalable administrative solution quickly; or if your business can’t financially extend to hiring an in-house staff member just yet, a virtual receptionist is an excellent choice in both scenarios. 

Many virtual receptionists can be hired on a part-time or monthly basis. As a result, you can adjust the service you receive to fit both your budget and your company needs.

The human touch is important to your customers

When it comes to resolving a complex issue, 40% of consumers would prefer to speak to a real person over the phone. By hiring a virtual receptionist to answer your calls, you can personalise customer interaction - even train your receptionist on how you would specifically like calls to be handled - without relying on a physical location, and guarantee a smooth customer experience. 

Some have specialised experience

Some virtual receptionists bring more specialised skills to the table. Depending on their previous roles, some may offer more specific industry experience such as virtual bookkeeping or social media expertise. So, depending on their experience, you may be able to offer a more advanced receptionist service through your business with a trained professional on the other end of the line.

What types of virtual receptionists are out there? 

Customers form an impression of a business in the first 7 seconds of dialling your telephone number. As a business owner, with such a small window to lock in a client, finding the right fit for your digital front desk is key to your success. 

Virtual receptionists can offer a wide range of skills but from a general role, you can expect your receptionist to: 

  1. perform basic call handling 
  2. schedule appointments and meetings
  3. process customer or client requests

A more advanced virtual receptionist may also offer foreign languages and specialised skills.

What should I look for in a virtual receptionist?

As you seek to invest here, it’s usually wise to keep in mind the short and long-term needs of your company. This means thinking about the level of assistance you’re likely to need from this service and how this might change.

Be sure to screen candidates for professionalism, compatibility, and previous work experience. Remember: you should continue to be an active participant in advising how they manage customer interactions to guarantee the highest quality communications. 

Navigating the world of virtual receptionists can sometimes be a challenge, but Rovva’s virtual office monthly plans have made it quick and hassle-free, with no obligation to a long-term commitment.

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Your complete business toolkit

Rovva puts everything you need for your business in one place. From an accountancy helpline to a drop-in business lounge - we've got everything covered.

Your complete business toolkit

Rovva puts everything you need for your business in one place. From an accountancy helpline to a drop-in business lounge - we've got everything covered.