What is the best free invoice app for your business?

Whatever the size of your business, keeping on top of your invoices is crucial. Whether you are looking for invoicing software to assist your finance team, or an easy-to-use app to produce your own professional invoices, read on to discover the best free invoicing and accounting apps that 2020 has to offer.

The best invoice generators and accounting software of 2020

An app must meet several criteria to rank as one of this year’s best for creating and sending invoices. Not only does it need to come with a user-friendly interface, but it must also be easily downloadable on mobile phones running on both iOS and Android. Plus, compatibility with tablets, iPads, desktops and laptop computers is key.

According to Zapier, we should also expect good invoice software to accept online payments and produce as many invoices as possible each month. Credit cards are the fastest and easiest way for businesses to accept payments digitally. Forbes recently reported that same-day invoices increase the likelihood of compensation by 150%. The easier it is for a company or customer to pay an invoice online, the more likely it is that the invoice will be paid on time.

With these factors in mind, we ranked 2020’s top 5 free invoice apps as follows:

  1. PayPal
  2. Square
  3. Zoho 
  4. Harvest
  5. Invoice Ninja

What makes these 5 apps stand out?

We tested some of 2020’s best invoicing apps so that you don’t have to. Take a look at our key takeaways below to decide which one is best suited for your business needs. 


Great for: Accessibility, Payment Processing, Trustworthiness, User-friendliness

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

Pricing: Free invoice maker, with a 2.9% payment processing fee

With a worldwide reputation as one of the internet’s most reputable finance websites, it’s no surprise that PayPal’s mobile app is one of the most popular for creating invoices. Accessible on the web and on mobile, PayPal is also one of the best invoice apps for iPad. 

It costs nothing to create a PayPal account, and alongside this free plan, PayPal can also process payments for you for a small fee. Able to connect directly to your bank account, PayPal is a convenient option for small business owners in need of an invoicing service that smooths cash flow processes.


Great for: Payment Time Tracking, Recurring Invoices, Online Payments, Cash Payments

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

Pricing: Free invoice maker, with a 2.5% payment processing fee 

Square has offices across the globe, from San Francisco to London and Tokyo to Dublin. Like PayPal, they offer custom invoice templates, but take a slightly lower 2.5% fee for every invoice paid online. Square’s invoices are also well designed for printing to request cash payments, and they pride themselves on their invoice payment tracking service, which allows you to easily see when invoices have been paid and when to send reminders.


Great for: Accessibility, User-friendliness, Invoice Organisation, Payment Tracking

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Web, Windows

Pricing: Free invoices for 1 user with up to 5 customers

Zoho is not just a good site for creating personal invoices, but it is also effective at organising all of your invoicing processes. Their free plan comes with Automated Workflow software that is great for customising invoices, as well as helping you keep track of which invoices need to go out when, expense tracking, time tracking and timesheets, and recurring invoices. 

A customer portal is also available, making it straightforward for customers to see what money they owe you and when they need to pay. Zoho offers additional plans that allow you to produce an unlimited number of invoices each month for up to €29 a month.


Great for: Accessibility, Invoice Customisation, Payment Processing 

Compatible Platforms: Android, Chrome, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web

Pricing: Free For 1 person & 2 projects, $12/month For Unlimited People & Projects

Harvest is an especially useful service for businesses looking to automate their timesheet approval processes as well as track expenses and invoices. Not only does it boast user-friendly apps on iOS and Android, but Harvest also readily integrates with hundreds of other apps. Harvest is by far one of the best apps out there for time tracking operations, helping you see how to streamline your business.

Invoice Ninja

Great for: Accessibility, Payment Processing, Project Tracking, User-friendliness

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

Pricing: Free unlimited invoices for 100 clients, $10 per month for unlimited clients

Invoice Ninja is an excellent free interface for startups with up to 100 clients. Their user-friendly dashboard allows you to easily customise your invoices as well as track payments, projects and expenses. You can accept deposits and other fees through their software, as well as receive alerts when invoices are viewed and paid. Their affordable Ninja Pro Plan makes them a popular choice for growing enterprises taking on more clients.

What invoicing software is best for me?

The best way to check which invoicing software is right for you is to identify what your needs are. Think about what you want to achieve, and what you need.

  1. Basic features: Pretty much all businesses will require some features, but think about what you need. Invoice generation, income and expense tracking, financial report generation, and customer management are all base features
  2. Automation: A lot of time can be saved with the automation of invoicing software. But be sure to check if they integrate with your current processes
  3. Tax preparation: Does the software help you with the worst time of the year? Look for features like automatic tax calculations, multiple tax rates and tax reporting
  4. Add-ons: Some invoicing software comes with helpful extra services, such as payment processing and payroll services. These can save a lot of time and are often very competitively priced
  5. Third-party integrations: It’s nice if all your digital technology syncs up, so make sure whatever software you pick integrates with your POS systems, payment processing, advanced inventory management, e-commerce, ERP, CRM, email marketing and Google Apps. 

New startups are often time rich yet cash poor, making free invoice apps a huge hit as they also free up time for staff to focus on more important tasks than basic admin. With the right tools, your invoices can be organised in one place, sent out efficiently and paid on time with minimal effort. 

Whether you’re in need of a simple invoice generator, or more advanced software that can help automate your whole invoicing processes, these apps can fully meet the needs of any small to medium enterprise. 

Now that you know the best free invoicing apps, check out our guide to the best office management software, as voted by the people who use them. 

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