The Best Ways To Find Cheap Office Space In London For Rent

Ranked number 19 of the world’s most expensive cities, finding a cheap office in London can be a daunting task. 

Office rentals in central London can cost anything upward of £270 per person per month according to the current market. Such prices can be potentially crippling for any up-and-coming company looking to take on a larger workforce. Fortunately, we’ve researched some easy tricks for finding cheap offices to rent in London.

Where to find a cheap office rental in London

Although offices in the city centre can prove extortionate, there are areas further out where small companies and startups thrive. 

Located to the east of the city, Stratford benefits from good transport links thanks to the London Underground, taking only 20 minutes to get from Liverpool Street to Stratford. After hosting the London Olympics in 2012, many of the Olympic buildings in Stratford have been repurposed as modern office spaces. Popular for playing a part in British sporting history, Stratford has quickly become a hotspot for startup companies looking to escape Shoreditch for cheaper rents. 

If you fancy going a little bit further afield, there are also several developments in East London’s Dockyards. Offices in Canary Wharf itself can be expensive, so try looking a little outside that area, but still on the Isle of Dogs itself. Shadwell, Wapping, Blackwell and Millwall are all great places to look, but still well within reach of Canary Wharf, which is ideal for any FinTech startups looking to keep their financial clients close by. The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) provides frequent services to the area, which is ideal for growing companies. 

Office rental options

Aside from renting your own private office space, London’s office rental market features many alternative solutions that benefit small enterprises.

  • Shared offices are a viable solution for many in need of a professional, serviced office in a central location. Sharing an office with an organisation in a complementary sector means you can benefit from one another’s expertise. Yet, perhaps the most obvious benefit of sharing an office is the shared rental bill.
  • Hot desking proves popular in London, allowing individuals to book spare desk space as and when they need it. This option is particularly beneficial for startups with only one or two employees. Hot desking offers individuals the flexibility to work the hours they like around other commitments such as family and travel. Renting desk space is an affordable option whilst not compromising on essential features such as fast internet access. You can view some of our favourite hot desking options here.
  • Meeting rooms of all sizes can be found across London to rent by the hour. Hotels and large industry names such as Regus and Meetingo all offer affordable rentals equipped to a high specification. The sheer abundance of meeting rooms in London make it a viable option for businesses to simply rent them as needed. Meeting room rentals are ideal for holding interviews, board meetings, large conferences and corporate events. Renting a meeting room can play an essential part in establishing your company’s presence in your sector.
  • Coworking spaces might seem just one step away from working in a coffee shop, but they are also popular amongst small enterprises. Coworking spaces offer a desirable office environment with modern equipment. Like shared offices, coworking spaces are ideal for networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. They also provide a more focused environment where employees can be more productive than when working in their favourite cafe. Depending on who you rent from, coworking spaces are often tailored to suit your needs. Desks and chairs can be set up for you before arrival, and internet and desk phones are usually provided. Some of the nation’s top providers currently include EasyOffices, Spaces and Huckletree.
  • Virtual offices are especially beneficial for new companies looking to establish themselves in central London. Virtual offices provide your business with a reputable address whilst saving you the expense of renting a commercial property. Options such as mail and call forwarding can be available depending on your provider. Rovva or Regus can be good places to start your search for a virtual office in London.

Alternative office solutions

London’s office rental market offers something for companies of all sizes. However, office rental may not be the ideal solution for every business. Consider the following options before renting or purchasing your own office:

  • Working from home with Microsoft Office: Several software companies have made working from home increasingly more accessible. One of the most notable programmes is Microsoft Office 365 Home. Alongside cloud storage, the Microsoft Office suite allows individuals to work together on the same documents. Facilitating collaborative work in this way has made Microsoft Office Home a viable alternative to renting office space. With Zoom video calling and Microsoft 365 for business, entrepreneurs can easily create and conduct business from the comfort of their own homes. 
  • Working from a coffee shop: With fast wi-fi and a cosy vibe, many freelancers love working remotely with a warm cup of coffee in hand. However, the downsides to working in cafes include struggling to find a seat (and a power outlet to charge your laptop). For many, the pros outweigh the cons. Self-employed individuals often prefer to work in a Starbucks or Costa simply to be around people. Freelancing can be lonely, and coffee shops are an ideal solution to work around others.
  • Working from a library: If you live in London, you will have access to your local libraries for free. Although not ideal for work involving lots of talk and phone calls, this can be a great option when focusing on individual projects.

Top tip: Experts suggest researching any funding that might be available. Depending on your industry, grants can be a key resource, and money may be claimed back on home offices. 

If you’re hoping to find an office cheap, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the world’s wealthiest cities, London has no shortage of suitable workspaces for any budget. Whether you’re looking to rent an office space or work from home, a little research goes a long way in finding the perfect fit for your personal and professional needs.

Now that you know the best ways to find cheap office space in London for rent, check out our guide to the top tech recruiters you'll need if you're recruiting for a startup. 

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Your complete business toolkit

Rovva puts everything you need for your business in one place. From an accountancy helpline to a drop-in business lounge - we've got everything covered.