LinkedIn Marketing 101: How To Make Your LinkedIn Business Profile Stand Out

What started out as an online jobs board is now one of the most powerful tools companies can use to drive leads to their business. LinkedIn Business or Company Profile pages are a great way to increase your visibility to those on the social media platform. 

As well as including all your key information; profile pages are a place where you can share and create content, connect with industry professionals or engage in discussions with your target audience. 

This article will share some LinkedIn marketing hacks to help you make the most of your business profile. 


What is a LinkedIn Business Profile? 

In simple terms, a LinkedIn Business Profile is a page where organisations can share their main information. The profile includes details like a logo, company address, industries and business size. It’s the main place where LinkedIn users will go to find out more about your organisation. It’s also the place where you can share content and post jobs from. 

A Business Profile page differs from a Showcase page, as this is where companies can build a following, kickstart conversations and share content around a specific subject. Before you can set up a Showcase page, you need to have a Business Profile page. 

Why should you improve your profile?

LinkedIn is a recruitment marketing platform first. So having an optimised Business Page means you’ll be more likely to attract the best talent on the social media site to any jobs you post there. 

However, LinkedIn has now joined other social media sites as an effective customer conversion tool. This means that there are lots of potential benefits to improving your Business Profile, including: 

  • Offering a unique opportunity to engage with customers: unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a space for business-specific information; such as news, employee stories and educational content. This offers a different narrative and way of engaging with customers. 
  • Telling the story behind the brand: LinkedIn Business Pages can start conversations between employees and customers, industry influencers and other businesses. The platform can help to deepen your brand story and engage with people in work as well as in life. 
  • Increasing business visibility: LinkedIn has a high authority score on Google. This means that an optimised Business Page is likely to rank well for customer searches. Any Showcase or Career pages you create will also appear and enhance your business visibility. 
  • Being a second content platform: alongside your blog or website, LinkedIn has manynative content platforms such as SlideShare and Pulse. This adds another opportunity to share rich content that’s educational, informative and entertaining. An optimised Business Page sits at the base of this content. 

So, how can you make sure that your Business Page is optimised and enhanced to reach more of your customers?

How can you improve your profile? 

LinkedIn profiles for small business owners will be very different to those for corporate CEOs. Business Pages are no different. To optimise your Business Page effectively, you need to tailor it to your target audience and their needs. 

Keep your business info up to date

One basic must-have when it comes to your Business Page is keeping your core information up to date. Although you can’t tailor your details specifically to your audience, if any of your details aren’t correct, it can cause a disruption to their conversion journey. That’s why it’s important to keep your URL, HQ address, industries and contact details up to date. 

Make your summary attractive to your audience

Your summary or ‘About Us’ is the first section that your customers (and Google) will see. Therefore, this needs to be engaging and full of the relevant keywords that your audience is looking for. 

For example, here’s a LinkedIn summary for a marketing professional: 

I am a professional, hard working and detail-orientated virtual marketing and executive assistant with a track record of accomplishment. I have experience in working in services such as social media marketing, content marketing, Mailchimp email marketing and WordPress management and am passionate about helping customers and businesses to connect on a deeper level.” 

So, if you’re writing a business profile that’s looking to attract this type of audience, you might want to think about using similar keywords and including relevant information, like this: 

Just like you, we want to make real connections between businesses and customers. That’s why we help you to improve your social media, email marketing and content skills so you can feel even more confident in getting the details right and continue working hard to deliver professional services for your clients.” 

Tailoring your summary in this way will help you to become more visible to your customers and engage with them effectively. 

Connect to employees 

Employee advocacy has proven to be one of the most effective promotional tactics, with 76% of individuals saying that they trust content shared by normal people rather than brands. This makes LinkedIn a unique opportunity for employees to share the best parts of your business directly with customers. 

Connecting to employees is the first step towards increasing your employee advocacy. If real people connect to your Business Profile, it builds trust amongst your customers and shows the real faces behind your brand.

Build Showcase and Career Pages

Once you’ve set up your Business Page, you can set up Showcase and Career Pages. A Showcase page allows you to build a community around a specific topic, share content about a rising industry trend, start discussions with expert influencers and connect directly with your audience. 

In contrast, a Career Page helps you to share a snapshot of your company’s culture and champion your employees’ voices. In terms of recruitment, this will help you to attract the right sort of talent and make customers feel comfortable with your business. 

In short, these two types of pages are a great way to share a different side to your business and increase engagement with your target audience. 

Engage and get noticed

Engaging with others on the platform and sharing content is how you take your Business Profile to the next level. Having a content plan in place that matches your target audience’s needs is key to a successful presence on the platform. 

For example, marketing business pages might want to write Pulse articles about current topics or events to promote the LinkedIn Learning Content Marketing course. Alternatively, accountancy firms might want to set up webinars, create factual carousel posts or have discussions with industry influencers on their business profiles. 

When it comes to LinkedIn, you really do get out what you put in, so engaging and connecting as regularly as possible will help your business profile stand out from the rest.

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Rovva puts everything you need for your business in one place. From an accountancy helpline to a drop-in business lounge - we've got everything covered.