Recruiting for a startup? You’ll need top tech recruiters.

The number of active job postings in the UK topped a million in July 2020, with a surge in job ads for IT professionals. Nonetheless, there are now 38 job seekers on average per available job in the wake of the pandemic: the highest rate since the 2008 financial crisis. As the demand for tech talent grows, startups must level up their hiring strategy to emerge as a leader in attracting and retaining top applicants, even while the pool of recruitable talent grows.

The best startup recruitment agencies out there can help you to discover the ideal fit for your roles. But what are the most successful startup recruitment agencies in the city? Read on to discover the top IT recruitment agencies London has to offer – so you can find the best talent.

What are the best recruiters in London that job seekers swear by?

If you’re aiming to recruit for London tech startup positions, the key to finding the best fit is understanding where and how to communicate with the talent pool. From executive search job boards to recruitment agencies, a wide range of tools can streamline the hiring process. 

Tech job boards and social media

Finding the proper fit for jobs in a startup in London can be a daunting task. Since online job boards and social media are embraced by the vast majority of jobseekers, an online approach can be an excellent starting point. Job boards can target people seeking work in startups in London specifically, so be sure to maintain a presence on a few key sites to attract talent to your team.


Widely known as the number one London tech jobs board, Boolerang is a great place to start when sourcing for UK startup jobs. From software development to work in the life sciences sector, this London-based company specialises in tech jobs across a wide range of skills. 


Reed boasts more than 6,600 positions added in the last 24 hours alone. For ease of job advertising, this developer recruiter tool simplifies the process of posting jobs, editing position descriptions, and screening candidates. 


It’s impossible to talk about recruitment without mentioning Linkedin. Their 2020 UK emerging jobs report (which uses Linkedin data) shows the tech industry dominates, with the top three emerging jobs all within the tech sector. As a well-known and popular source of tech jobs, using the platform to hire in this field is a smart decision. And this recruitment method has a surprising impact on retention, too. Those hired through the social medium are 40% less likely to leave a company within the first 6 months.

Technology recruitment agencies in London

Another excellent place to start is a recruitment agency. The best agencies build trust with top talent over time, and with 87% of active and passive candidates open to new opportunities, a technology recruitment agency can be an effective way to tap into talent for your next role - even when it’s not actively looking. A good recruiter will target candidates with roles that match their skills and explain to the candidate the benefits the employer has to offer.


From sales and marketing to operations, it helps to be able to (literally) propel your candidate search forward with a recruiter for the digital economy. Propel London specialises in helping overseas companies to grow their teams within the UK and across Europe, and are uniquely placed to scale your startup in Europe. 


RecWorks focuses on community-driven recruitment that matches the finest Java developers in London with the best Java developer jobs. 

Blu Digital 

The recruitment specialists at Blu Digital source commercial talent across tech, e-commerce, and web development.

Hired By Startups

Hired By Startups truly lives up to its name as a leading recruitment agency tailored to startups. They help to screen, interview, and hire commercial talent with a cost-effective and scalable model. 

Tech recruitment platforms

If you want to recruit for your startup, what better way to do it than with a platform created by startups to recruit talent. They’re so easy to use and are a great way to expand your reach in a challenging market.


Try Honeypot to hire software developers and engineering talent in a few simple clicks. As Europe’s leading developer-focused job platform, this is the way to go to start hiring in the dev community. 


Kandidate brings a personal approach to the job search journey that’s built for the startup community. They match top sales, marketing, and operations talent with VC-backed startups. 

Which one will you choose?

When seeking top talent for your next startup role, assess your options. Job boards and social media provide good visibility but the best recruitment consultants can also give you a powerful advantage. Their advanced knowledge of the candidate pool and practical selection approach could find you the perfect fit for your company.

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