The Best Instagram Analytics Tools You Need To Improve Your Performance

The very nature of Instagram is visual. Offering a vast array of appealing images is what makes Instagram great for brand awareness, helping your products and services reach a far wider audience. With the help of likes and reshares to users’ profiles and personal Instagram stories, your engagement rate has the potential to rocket with Instagram. 

In 2019 alone Instagram generated $20 million in advertising. Unlike other social media platforms, however, adverts aren’t always the most profitable way to utilise this platform for your business.

This doesn’t mean that your Instagram marketing and advertising strategy is not important, just that you may need to measure its impact in a different way. Here we look at how to get the most out of your Instagram post insights.

How to track your Instagram followers online 

The key to tracking your Instagram followers isn’t to count how many you have, but to take account of how many active followers you have and weigh up just how often they interact with your account and in what ways.

In doing this you’ll be able to easily measure which of your posts are more successful, so you can try and replicate elements of these in the rest of your uploads. You can also analyse your followers’ combined data to see exactly which demographics you are appealing to more. In turn, you can then use this information to tailor your next marketing or advertising campaign to this particular group of people.

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If you’re unsure of the best way to track your Instagram engagement, it’s well worth investigating the different options available to you. With Instagram insight tools available at a range of costs, here we explore more expensive options, as well as the best free Instagram analytics software out there.

Which sites offer the best analytics for Instagram?

Plenty of companies out there offer a free trial of their Instagram analytics for businesses. Some may offer you a free trial for just a few weeks or 30 days, but this is a great way to try different companies out until you find one that offers you the Instagram marketing breakdowns that best suit your company, and your price bracket.

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Some of our favourite Instagram analytics apps and sites can be found below:


SproutSocial’s suite offers detailed social listening tools, compiling your data together in a way that is clear, concise and easy to digest. 

They offer full reports that will help you judge your posts’ performance, allowing you to quickly identify your Instagram account’s top posts and track users’ comments, likes and engagement.

With SproutSocial you can easily compare follower growth on more than one profile, and their reports are easily downloadable in PDF or CSV format. This means your whole team can easily access them to help inform decisions on factors such as the best time to post for maximum user engagement.

SproutSocial offer a free 30-day trial, while their Standard, Professional and Advanced packages are all priced at $89, $149 and $249 per month respectively.

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Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a Texan company now based in San Francisco. Specialising in social analytics for platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr, they offer a great tool for any company really looking to dive into the nitty gritty of their Instagram’s business account.

Three plans are available, ranging from $49 per month for a Social Manager account, $99 a month for their Social Marketer services and $199 a month.


This team offers you one of the most valuable free tools out there; a free Instagram audit. On top of that, they can put reports together that will help you compare the difference between your organic and promoted Instagram posts. 

Prices for paid subscriptions start at $49 per month for Pro, $79 per month for Advanced and $139 for Enterprise.


Complete with a customisable number of social listening trackers, Keyhole is available from $79 per month. Their packages prove particularly popular because they can be so closely tailored to your company’s needs. 

They also offer sentiment analysis, allowing you to gain a fuller picture of the positive and negative mentions you receive even in user generated content.


The self-proclaimed “#1 marketing suite for Instagram”, Squarelovin claims to grow your brand simply by analysing your Instagram performance. By fully analysing the amount of profile visits your page/s generate over certain periods of time, along with looking at the total number of likes and followers you gain, Squarelovin can help improve your content strategy and reach a wider audience.

It’s free to sign up with them and their Basic package is free too. Paid packages offer extra features such as campaign reports and full analytics, with Influencer accounts costing just €9.90 a month and Business accounts starting from €14.90. offers you a bespoke Instagram analytics service that will even look in depth at your most engaging video filters, helping improve your video editing process to attract greater audience engagement.

Their prices start at £9 a month for a Silver package, £19 a month for Gold and £39 a month for Platinum. They do offer discounts if you take out a yearly subscription with them, however. This can make them a good choice for small startups with limited funds.


SocialRank focuses mainly on Instagram and Twitter, so it can be a good choice for you if you’re looking for a niche company that specialises in Instagram. 

Their Basic package costs just $199 a year and caters to accounts with up to 500,000 followers. This option is perfect for individuals and small to medium businesses. Their Premium package handles accounts with up to 2 million followers and costs just $500 per year. Alternatively, if your operation is bigger than these two options cater to, their Enterprise package can be catered to your business’s individual needs.

Whatever the size of your company, making the best use of your Instagram analytics will certainly help improve business. If you’re just starting out, focus on getting your first 1000 followers on Instagram first, then once you have a healthy audience of engaged followers, try one of the above companies’ free trials; you’ll be impressed with your results.

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