Is a virtual mailbox safe?

When exploring mailing solutions, virtual mailboxes are often an attractive option - but are they safe? 

There are lots of security and privacy issues to consider when thinking about setting up any kind of mailbox. It’s especially important to ensure that any mail containing sensitive business or personal information is handled safely and securely. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the security and privacy issues around virtual mailboxes. We’ll also discuss some of the benefits a virtual mailbox may bring to security and privacy. Read on to discover more and decide whether a virtual mailbox is right for you. 

Virtual mailbox privacy 

Privacy is one of the most important things to consider when exploring potential mailbox services. When you give a company the responsibility of handling your mail, you need to ensure they also protect your privacy. 

Most virtual mailbox services will detail their privacy agreements during the new user sign up and registration process. These companies should agree to not share any information about your post. This should protect your mail and its contents, which could include financial statements, credit card numbers or check deposits. 

Unlike a traditional PO box managed by a post office, a virtual mailbox has more interaction with your physical mail. Most virtual mailbox companies will receive mail at their virtual address, which itself is a real street address. In some cases, these companies will open and process the mail. Mail processing can include straightforward mail forwarding services, or more detailed screening and digital forwarding services. 

In some cases, this can include opening and scanning letters and documents received in the mail. These letters and documents are then uploaded online for the mailbox owner to read and review from anywhere in the world. 

As the mail is opened by mailbox company staff, people often have specific privacy concerns about virtual mailboxes. However, it is worth looking into the privacy policies of these companies in relation to their staff. These policies should outline whether any background checks are conducted on employees who may be handling your sensitive information, to alleviate any concern. 

In addition to maintaining the privacy of your mail, virtual mailboxes can also help keep your own address private. Virtual mailboxes will provide you with a virtual address. This can be used to receive all kinds of physical mail and eliminates the need to provide home or business addresses. Many people use virtual mailbox services for exactly this reason.

Virtual mailbox security 

Security should be one of the top priorities for any company handling and processing mail and packages. Companies that offer virtual mailboxes should clearly outline the security precautions they take to protect your mail when registering new users. 

Physical mailbox security

Virtual mailboxes are located around the world and receive all kinds of global mail. There are various different types of security different virtual mailboxes offer. They can range from anytime mailboxes and traditional lock and key PO boxes to guarded mailrooms. Typically, virtual mailboxes will provide more security than usually offered at a standard mailing address. 

If a mailbox is being used to receive large parcels and packages, special attention should be paid to physical security. If deliveries include expensive items, a guarded security room with round-the-clock on-site staff may be best. 

Online mailbox security 

In addition to physical security, mailbox services should provide online security for digital mail forwarding or virtual post. If customers choose to have mail digitally forwarded, then digital security features like encryption and two-factor authentication should be considered.

Encryption involves encrypting or disguising the content of email messages. This is done in order to protect potentially sensitive information from being read by anyone other than intended recipients. Mailbox services should ensure that their emails to mailbox owners are encrypted so that emails are kept secure. 

Two-factor authentication is an online identification method. During this process, the user is granted access only after giving two or more pieces of evidence to prove their identity. This often includes entering a username and password and then also answering a security question. 

Mailbox service providers could use these methods to ensure only the mailbox owner gains access to any mail online. Usually, these processes are used to avoid accounts being hacked. 

These online security precautions should help ensure that only the mailbox owner has access to the mailbox’s contents. These features could also be used for any correspondence between the virtual mailbox company and its customers. 

Are virtual mailboxes safe?

Virtual mailboxes provide helpful services, including the screening and disposal of junk mail and mail forwarding. However, it’s their additional privacy and security options that make virtual mailboxes an attractive service. 

While not all virtual mailboxes are the same, they offer better security and privacy than a traditional mailbox or PO box. Physical security features like guarded rooms and dedicated staff who have passed background checks are in place to protect valuable mail. 

At the same time, digital security measures will be put in place to protect your mail and its contents online. It’s clear that virtual mailbox companies take customer’s privacy and security seriously. 

If you want to learn about more mailing solutions, read our complete guide to address types. There you’ll find information about a variety of address types and mailing solutions for you and your business.

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